Salsa in (& Near) San Francisco

Salsa in (& Near) San Francisco

I was just cruising the online dance scene and ran across this rare infographic of the Salsa Dance Scene in San Francisco.  I liked it and wanted to post it here. The map was put together by and contains references to the following dance resources:

In San Francisco:

  • Symbolic Dance & Fitness
  • Rockit Room
  • Roccapulco
  • El Valenciano
  • Glas Kat
  • Cafe Cocomo

Near Oakland:

  • Marriott Hotel
  • Lake Merritt Dance Center
  • The Beat
  • Allegro Ballroom
  • Shattuck Down Low
  • Shboom Nightclub

Near San Jose:

  • Susan's Dance Studio
  • Miraido Studio
  • Clarion Hotel
  • Azucar Latin Bistro
  • Agenda Lounge
  • Dance Boulevard

Near Cupertino:

  • D'Venue
  • Dance Spectrum
  • Palomar Ballroom

Near Mountain View & Sunnyvale:

  • Tarragon Restaurant
  • Albertos Night Club
  • Illusions Super Club 
  • Cheryl Burke Dance Studio
  • Deseo Tequila Restaurant


Here is a link to the map:

Please note that the map is outdated so check here before driving anywhere - Regardless, it's a cool dance map. :-)