Someone Asked... "I want to start dancing, but am worried..."

Someone Asked... "I want to start dancing, but am worried..."

Q:   Someone on Reddit Asked... "I want to start dancing, but am worried..."

He said, "I am 21 years old, male, and have always wanted to learn how to dance...I am worried that I will just flat out suck... I had some bullying when I was younger and feel like my confidence might hold me back from excelling... Is there any advice?

A:   Just go to a lesson.  I put off taking lessons for a long time, then after getting involved really regretted that.  The same happens when I make excuses.  I always regret when I don't continue going.  You're facing the same internal issues we all face, we are worried about what others think, we're kind of all afraid of the unknown, etc.  We are our own biggest enemies and the truth is that all of our worries are just fog.  Most people are too worried about themselves (like you and I are) to be thinking much about you (or others is what I mean).  

You're an adult now.  There is no more bullying for you unless you allow it and I can bet you won't any longer.  But here we go carrying our childhood issues with us into our adult lives.  We all do it... until we make up our own minds that those things are in the past.  Just go and don't worry about what anyone else thinks.  If there is someone that is judging you now, you don't have to tell them.  Just go.  

Regarding others in the classes you attend, they are usually all in the same boat.  There will be some that are better and more likely some that are worse.  They will mostly have the same fears and issues you do. So just make up your mind that if someone is a jerk in any way, you'll stay away from them and be encouraging to others.  It'll most likely come back to you.  Finally, if you get into a class where you don't feel right (after trying it for at least a few weeks) then go to another studio.  


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