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Macie C.


My 2 year old son is in Heathers Thursday morning 10am class and he loves it. I feel like she does really well with mixing it up with slow then fast songs....

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Sandra E.


This is the best place for children/teens to learn dance, self confidence, and feel loved by the amazing dance teachers. Each one of the teachers love their...

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Mel J.


I'm giving Creative Dance Theatre 5 stars because of the positive supportive environment for children created in the classes taught by Laura Roach. She is...

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Note from DanceLessons.com: Dance studios, like people, have their own personalities.  Many studio owners have been trained in a certain discipline or a certain type of dance, so that's what they teach.  They may like Salsa, Ballroom Dancing, Swing Dance, East or West Coast Swing, Waltz, or even Tango! Some prefer to teach dance to adults or to work only with advanced students, teaching competitive dance.  Some only teach dance to children. Many studios have special programs to teach couples how to do great wedding dances. Other growing categories include exercise type dance lessons.  For example, many gyms and social centers teach Zumba and other dance styles as a form of exercise.  Some programs even offer belly or pole dancing, yoga and other core building programs.  These are all good to know about for dancers and we plan to include these types of classes in our directory as well.

The best way for you to find your ideal dance class is to check their website or contact the studio.  Not all studios have submitted websites or email contacts. Most of them have phone numbers listed however. Don't be shy or discouraged.  Just call them.  They're usually happy to answer your questions and help you discover the best dance studio location or to choose a dance program that is best for you!  Most people never regret a decision to learn how to dance.  Just go for it!

We get our data from public lists, our own research, from dance studio owners, and from students.  In many cases, the studio owners have not yet claimed their listings so some of the information may be missing, wrong, or outdated. Although we do our best to keep things updated, we are not responsible for incorrect information or omissions. Please let us know if you run across something that needs to be added or removed.

Note to Studio Owners: Once you claim your listing, we will help you use your own video here.

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